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History related to Hotel Guantanamo

Hotel Guantanamo, unique properly tourist hotel existing in Guantanamo City, it was built when in 1985 this city in this same year won be the Seat of the National Celebration of an more Anniversary of the Assault to the Moncada Headquarters; significant and memorable date inside the process of the Cuban revolution.

This distinguished hotel was built in lands that belonged, up to 1954, to the Educational Catholic Religious Order “Juan Bautista de la Salle”. These lands were given as a kind of present made to Religious Order in the 20th Century for the Sugar Company.

For many years all these lands were sugar cane plantations and uncultivated grounds. In 1954, Caribbean S.A. (Bank of Capitalization, Saving and Construction) bought these lands with the objective of seating a residential neighborhood; which at the beginning "new Guantanamo" was named. Later, with a view of honoring its old owners the previous name is changed for “Santa Catalina of Riccis of Caribbean Bank”. Finally, this name is changed for “Caribbean District”, like it is known nowadays.

With the victory of the Revolution, Caribbean Bank and all its estates were nationalized. Consequently, the revolutionary government decided to build a great quantity of buildings of housings for the workers of this territory.

Once the construction of the Hotel Guatanamo was ended, this becomes directed by The Department of Tourism, current Ministry of the Tourism in Cuba.

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